Here is where I put the tunes.

Choose an artist, choose an album, choose a song. CHOOSE LIFE. (a-jittabug)

I will be adding more stuff soon (currently, it’s 12 Aug 2014), as soon as I shrink down the files a little.  WordPress is particular about file size. Otherwise, everything would be included.

Cap City Mob

East Coast-style hip-hop with a strong old-school flavor. Other members of the mob are Brian Kitchens (Daddy B), John Cole (Sly-ONE), Thomas Leigh (T-Juice), Randy Kitchens (Random), and, at one point, Kenneth Quinnell (Professor Rex). There are guest shots with my wife Lisa (AKA Skorcho), my late friend Pat McAdams (AKA M.K.A.), Mark-Allen West (AKA Django), and the incomparable jazzy-smoky voice of Rachel Rhodes (AKA R-2).


Power pop, my favorite genre. Loud and catchy. Just me, except for some terrific drumming and bass (and backup vocalizing) by Tallahassee music legend Mike Coleman (of Bacon Ray, Singing Spoons, Canard, and many others), who produced a few tracks.

Gentleman Robot

Neo-glam/classic rock project with Rachel Rhodes.

Gruber & Leigh

Comedy with Thomas Leigh.

Kane Gruber

Comedy all by myself.

Orchestra 50

Blaxploitation-style cinematic instrumentals.


Trashy pop-punk.

Ready Demolition

Rawk! Me and Pat McAdams tearing it up.

Stubborn Things

Comedy with Mark-Allen West. Started as a political podcast of my own, I snared Mark in my podcast trap and it (d)evolved into comedy and goofiness.

Unified Field Theory

Me and the wife. Power pop or whatevs.

The Voters

Punkity power pop.

Whisky Bay Mariners

Country-and-northern music; American roots-style. I’m not a Southerner (by any stretch), but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the music.


British-style classic metal.